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Street Tacos

Corn tortillas with choice of meat, topped with chopped cilantro and onions. Served with radishes and lime wedges.

Chilaquiles Verdes Con Carne Asada

Corn tortilla strips are lightly fried, and simmered in the sauce until the tortilla starts softening. Served with carne asada.

Asada Fries

Fries topped with melted cheese, and your choice of meat (Asada, al pastor or adobada), guacamole, and sour cream.

Tacos De Birria

Made with cheese, fresh onions, cilantro, and our famous sauce.

Skinny Tacos

Served over lettuce instead of tortillas, with cholesterol-free beans, and grilled jalapeño. Served with your choice of meat

Carnitas De Puerco

Shredded pork cooked slowly 'till golden brown. Served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, lettuce, and guacamole.

Tacos Campechanos

Cheese, chorizo and asada.

Tacos De Barbacoa

(3) Corn tortillas filled with barbacoa. Topped with cilantro and onions.

Carne Asada Y Mas

Skirt steak seasoned and cooked over charcoal. Garnished with one chicken "Mole" enchilada. Served with guacamole.

Authentic Mexican Tacos and More

Authentic Mexican Tacos and More
Welcome to our taco restaurant, where we serve authentic Mexican cuisine. Our menu features a variety of tacos, including carne asada, al pastor, and fish tacos. Each dish is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious dining experience. Come and enjoy the best tacos in town!

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Tacos

Convenient Delivery and Pickup Options for Tacos
Satisfy your taco cravings with our convenient delivery and pickup options. Enjoy authentic Mexican tacos, including carne asada, al pastor, and veggie options, from the comfort of your home. Order online for quick pickup or have your tacos delivered hot and fresh to your doorstep.

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